Why Having an Email List Is Now More Important Than Ever (Instagram Blackout Edition)

A study by email marketing software provider Aweber showed that while 98% of people received a newsletter in the last month, only 14% considered the company’s content to be valuable. The top reason why respondents unsubscribed was because they didn’t hear from them enough.

Hello, Broma fans! I’m Brittany, the Foodtography School’s behind-the-scenes tech and organization genius. My experience is in online business and internet marketing, but I’m really just here to look at the beautiful cakes and sweets.

I geek out over strange stuff that no one cares about: technology. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram, email marketing, webinars, content preparation, and course design are all examples of this. Is it possible that I’ve already lost you? Is it possible that you’re snoring? Overwhelmed? That’s something I hear a lot.

I’ve always believed that this is one of the most essential topics for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers to concentrate on, so I hope that after reading this, you’ll realize that it’s never too late to start!


If you haven’t heard, Instagram went down for nearly an entire day earlier this month (the audacity (! ), I know (!)). Perhaps you were refreshing your app a hundred times, hoping for your post to upload. You could have been afraid that your engagement would be shattered. Or it may have been your social media manager (she was really stressed that day).

Two of my clients occurred to be in the midst of massive product launches (one was launching a course and the other was launching a meal plan).

Even though they couldn’t market on Instagram at all, sales continued to pour in because to ONE hidden weapon.

Their email list was (and still is) their hidden weapon.


Why your email list is the lifeblood of your business.


I understand. I understand. This subject isn’t as exciting as gaining 1,000 Instagram followers per day or approaching your 10,000 “swipe up” feature. But pay attention to what I’m saying about the value of your email list.

No, really, listen to me out because your email list is full with riches, and Instagram is fickle.

What happens if you get your Instagram account hacked!? Fickle.

What if the algorithm changes (again!) and your engagement plummets due to factors beyond your control? Fickle.


I’m concerned with ensuring my customers’ long-term success. And, as much as I hate to break it to you, if you’re simply using Instagram (rather than an email list) to market ANYTHING – blog pieces, affiliate items on your website, courses, meal plans, downloads, or an online store — you’re losing money.


Still not persuaded? I’m busting five misconceptions (err…excuses) about why you don’t have an email list, and why you should disregard them and work on establishing one regardless!

1. “No one wants to hear from me since there are so many individuals who do what I do already.”

Let us reinterpret the situation. “Proof of concept” is all I’ve heard you say. I listen to the voices of individuals I’ve learnt from, like as James Wedmore and Marie Forleo, who always stress that if someone else is doing it, it indicates there’s place in the market for you and your unique viewpoint. You have something special to give. It might be your recipes, images, or writing style. It’s a good thing that you’re not like the person you follow on Instagram. People who are real admirers will be drawn to your distinct approach.   

2. “Because I don’t sell anything, I don’t need an email list…”

…yet. You haven’t made any sales yet! And the last thing you want to do when you’re ready to start selling anything is start developing your list by sifting through 200 different emails. So get started even if you don’t believe you’re ready. You’ll thank me later if you did.

3. “I’m too preoccupied with .” I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to send emails.”

Reuse and reduce. Recycle. That’s probably for recycling your recyclables, but it’s also appropriate here! I know you put a lot of effort into your Instagram captions, but did you realize that half of the emails I get from customers are generated by their Instagram captions? Alternatively, vice versa. There’s no need to start from scratch with each email you send. You may even use the writing you spent so much time on in your blog article to compose an email. It’s all about making things simpler for me!

“I’m not large enough to require one,” says number four.

This relates to the first point. Your opinion and voice are valuable and vital. Your list members will open your emails (spoiler alert: a 20-25 percent open rate is a GOOD open rate) and love what they’re reading if you’re offering and adding VALUE. However, you must be offering value. If I can obtain tollhouse chocolate chip cookies off the back of the bag, I’m not interested in your recipe. I’m all ears if you’re providing value by offering me some baking tricks or a variation on that recipe.

5. “I’m not sure where to begin!” It’s all a little perplexing.”

If you’re just getting started (and don’t even have a website yet! ), Mailchimp is a free email list-building service. Squarespace is cost-effective. If you’re just getting started, I strongly suggest both of those programs. There are a plethora of tutorials available online that will lead you through the process. As your business grows, you may need to relocate your email list and pay a higher subscription fee, which is a GOOD THING! This indicates that your email list and company are expanding!


On the Broma team, we constantly stress that Instagram is wonderful for long-term brand growth, but email lists are what will help you generate money right now. So, if you’re tired of banging your head against your phone over the algorithm, I’d want to let you know that there is an alternative. And expanding your email list should jump from 563,378 to #1 on your to-do list. At the very least, the top five



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