White Chocolate and Lemon Curd Pavlova

This lemon curd pavlova is a perfect summer dessert. The tart and sweet cream filling has such depth of flavor, you won’t even need the white chocolate topping to make it shine!

The “white chocolate yule log” is a popular dessert that has been made with white chocolate, lemon curd and meringue. The dessert is topped with fresh raspberries.

I have a confession to make: I have a hard time coming up with New Year’s Resolutions on my own.

Maybe it’s because of all the hoopla and stress that surrounds the holidays, but come January 1st, I’m more fatigued than ever. All I want to do is cuddle up in a ball and eat a large dish of spaghetti beneath a warm blanket. I can’t even do that because I’m bloated from holiday food and it’s UGHHHH. 

So, let’s just say that the thought of keeping—let alone creating—intentions I make for myself is almost futile.


Even when I sit down and attempt to make goals, I get irritable and negative.

“Yeah yeah, like you’re really going to do it.” “Can you think of another year when you truly kept your resolutions?” “It’s not worth it.”

Because the ship went two weeks ago, I’m like the Grinch, except without the Christmas happiness all around her.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has experienced anything similar.


But moping about in my post-holiday funk isn’t constructive. Endless scrolling around Instagram to see everyone else’s fab-u-luss 2018 highlights and why this year was so #blessed isn’t either.

Resolutions, in my opinion, are goal-oriented. And if you’re a Type-A like me, you’ll feel like you’ve failed if you don’t achieve your objectives. It’s a depressing sensation.

But then I got an idea…

What if, instead of making goals, I focused on finding new methods to remain motivated in the next year? Exploration and encouragement are key to finding inspiration. It all comes down to what motivates your intellect and moves your spirit. It’s all about potential and progress. And there is no place for failure when it comes to feeling inspired, since there is no right or incorrect road to pursue.


Exploring your own creativity, looking for things that move you, or accepting potential are all ways to get inspiration. And, according to this intriguing research, inspiration is linked to improved creativity, implying that inspiration might assist you in breaking down boundaries and walls in your present creative process.

So, with that in mind, here are a few places I’ve lately looked for inspiration:


1) In the Work of Admirable Artists

I get a lot of inspiration from artists like Ellie Baygulov, Monica Jiandani, and Regan Baroni. My spirit is moved by the way they observe the world, how they work with light, and how thoughtfully they approach their compositions. And, perhaps most importantly, I’ve discovered that looking at inspiring art outside of social media and on a site dedicated just to pictures alters the way I see it. It’s less about sharing and more about appreciating the work.

2) Educate yourself on the subject of business by reading books on the subject.

When I’m feeling bad about my job, I prefer to read business and strategy books to cheer myself up. While it has nothing to do with creativity, I find that it aids me in gaining clarity in my own work and focusing on the best ways to implement my ideas. The Originals (all about going against the grain and not conforming #stickittotheman), Zero to One (a must for anybody trying to build a company that is genuinely important and lasting), and Tools of Titans are some of my favorite business-related books (great for learning about the habits and tactics some of the most successful people in the world).


3) By Getting Involved in a Community

When you’re having coffee with a buddy and everything you say leads to five other things and you feel like you could chat for hours, you know how exhilarating that is? That’s what it’s like to be a part of a community. As in, the folks who completely understand you. It’s something you can’t accomplish on your own, and it leaves you feeling inspired AF (at least for me). Connecting with a community of like-minded people that share similar beliefs, ambitions, and motivations as you may be one of the finest sources of inspiration when it comes to your creative aspirations. We’ve made this a cornerstone of Foodtography School, which is why we’re having a New Year, New You flash sale from now through Thursday 8pm ET, offering you $50 off Foodtography School plus all five of our premium presets (a $100 total savings!).

4) By Getting Up and Walking Away

Okay, listen to me out. While it may seem counterproductive, taking a break from your job might help you absorb more ideas. Just like our bodies need sleep in order to operate effectively, our brains require rest in order to recover. Taking a day (or a week!) off to visit a new area, see a friend, visit a museum, or organize a fun adventure with your significant other are all excellent ways to get out of work mindset and give your brain a breather. They make it more probable that when you return to your job, you will be able to properly absorb inspiration when it comes to you.


So, for 2019, I believe my objective is to feel inspired all the time, and to give myself enough time to re-inspire when I’m not (hello, January in Boston).

Where do you go to get ideas?

Brownies and love,




  • 6 big egg whites, at room temperature (this is crucial!)
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar (granulated)
  • cornstarch, 1 teaspoon
  • vanilla extract (two tablespoons)
  • a half teaspoon of salt
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream (whipped)
  • a quarter cup of confectioner’s sugar
  • 2 oz. white chocolate, coarsely chopped
  • 6 oz. lemon curd (Trader Joe’s has a great version!)
  • 1 cup half-sliced kumquats
  • 1/4 cup almonds, sliced


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. On parchment paper, trace the shape of an 8-inch cake pan with a pencil. Place the paper on a baking sheet and flip it over. Remove from the equation.
  3. In a larger mixing bowl, whip the egg whites on high speed with a mixer until soft peaks form. Add the granulated sugar in tiny increments until thoroughly blended, then add the cornstarch, vanilla extract, and salt. For 4-5 minutes, beat on high speed. The meringue should be firm and glossy at this stage. 
  4. Spoon the meringue onto the parchment paper and shape it into a tall cylindrical disk with a cake scraper inside the 8-inch circle you previously defined with the cake pan. Create a little indentation in the middle of the meringue with the cake scraper, similar to the center of a volcano. Finally, make diagonal lines up the meringue with the cake scraper.
  5. Bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes, then turn off the heat, crack the oven door to keep it ajar, and leave the meringue in the oven for another hour. The meringue will totally dry out during this hour. Then take it out of the oven and cool fully on a wire rack.
  6. Make the topping while the meringue is cooling. Whip the heavy cream and sugar until soft peaks form in a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment. Spread white chocolate shavings, lemon curd, kumquats, and sliced almonds on top of the meringue!

The “white cake with chocolate buttercream frosting” is a popular dessert that can be made in many ways. One common way to make the “white cake with chocolate buttercream frosting” is by making a pavlova. The “White Chocolate and Lemon Curd Pavlova” is one of the most well known recipes for this type of dessert.

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