The Yoga Routine That Made Me Like Yoga

Yoga is the perfect mix of physical, mental and spiritual health. It’s a great way to get fit but also something that you can do for life. Yoga should be part of everyone’s daily routine, no matter what their fitness level or experience with exercise in general might be.

The “yoga routine for beginners” is a yoga routine that has been designed to help beginners get into the practice. The routine can be done on an empty stomach and in no time, you will feel the benefits of this workout.

Hello, everyone! I’m very pleased to share the yoga sequence that helped me fall in love with yoga (or, as one of my sister’s friends put it, “10 positions to make you nama-nasty”).

So there’s a little backstory. I used to dance for ten years as a youngster and enjoyed it. The music, the changes, and the movement. It was like meditation for me; it took me to a another world where I stopped thinking and just moved.

I attempted a couple yoga courses here and there during this period. But, to be honest, I thought it was ridiculous. It had a stagnant feel about it. I was unable to focus. At the same time, I felt bored and irritated. As a result, I dismissed yoga totally. 


My disdain for yoga was so great that Alex and I had to do separate presentations in college on “what gives you energy.” “How hilarious would it be if you said yoga?” Alex asked as we sat about attempting to come up with ideas for our presentations.

It was strange; I despised yoga, yet it was the ideal topic for discussing energy creation. So I made a presentation in which I claimed to practice yoga three times a week.

I turned over to see Alex snickering in the corner as I presented it to the class. It made him laugh out loud. Our little deception. I Googled Ann Arbor yoga studios and claimed to have gone to the first one that came up.


Then a female in the class exclaims, “Omg, I go there too!” “I’m employed there!”

Alex was on the verge of passing out. I gave him the side look, as if to say, “Don’t laugh.” I pushed through it, remarking on how strange it was that I hadn’t seen her before and, oh my gosh, don’t you just adore it?!

A week later, the grades were returned. I received an A. I laughed some more with Alex, and that was the last time I thought about yoga for months.


Then, in the spring, I happened to run into one of my girlfriends while walking down the street. She seemed to be in great shape. She explained, “It’s yoga.” “This is a hot Vinyasa.” I go four times a week and am completely addicted.” She had only been doing it for 6 weeks and had already observed significant improvements in her physique. Her abs were tight, her arms were solid, and her legs felt stronger.

Hearing her mention she had just begun a few weeks before aroused my interest. This intense vinyasa yoga has to be tried. I made the decision right then and then to give it a month, pushing myself to attend four times a week. And if I didn’t enjoy it after a month, I’d quit. There is no danger in doing so.

The first three weeks were a complete disaster. It was quite difficult. Classes at the studio where I attended were infamous for leaving you in a puddle of perspiration. These lessons were rapid and aggressive, in contrast to the yoga I had previously done. My arms ached and I was so tired after class that I had to rest for an hour.


But as I continued to practice, I realized that yoga was all about movement, moving from one posture to the next in a deliberate and intentional flow. It was unmistakably a type of dancing, in which you moved your body while entirely letting go of your thoughts.

And then, around the three-week mark, my body started to want activity. I felt exhausted and drained if I missed a lesson. The once-difficult chatarungas become simple. Standing poses were calming and contemplative. I was—gasp!—enamored with yoga.


I’ve been doing yoga for four years. It’s the longest I’ve ever kept a fitness schedule. Even if I’m doing a circuit exercise, I always begin with a few short yoga sequences to warm up my body. It’s a habit I’ve learned to like.

Now let’s get down to business. I’m going to show you all three yoga sequences that I perform every week. And I can’t emphasize this enough: listen to some great music as you flow. It’s the difference between life and death! Without further ado, let’s get started!


This is a basic warmup to get your body’s heat going. I do it gently, inhaling and exhaling in each stance. Flow through this for 10 minutes, stopping and breathing through the discomfort when you sense tightness. In each posture, focus on softening your edges and stretching your body.


This is a prolonged flow that will take up a lot of your mat time. It’s meant to flow with your breath, so one posture will be done on an inhale and the next will be done on an exhale. As a consequence, you’ll get a fast-paced flow that will raise your heart rate and ideally get you lost in movement. Flow through each side 3-4 times (should take 15-20 minutes).

1636272031_846_The-Yoga-Routine-That-Made-Me-Like-YogaSlowing down and increasing strength is the focus of the third and final flow. It builds on a number of the positions you practiced in Balancing Flow. Hold each stance for 5 breaths instead of moving with each inhalation and exhale. On each side, Flow through at least twice.

Listen to what works and doesn’t work for your body as you move through each cycle. Remove standing positions if they are tough for you. If you want to do additional lunges, go ahead and do so! It’s all about connecting with your body in yoga, so do what feels right to you.

Take 5 minutes in Sukhasana with your hands at your heart after you’ve done these three sequences. Slowly and deliberately breathe to lower your heart rate. Thank yourself for arriving to your mat and the universe for the capacity to practice by bowing forward at the end of your practice.


Also, for all you yogis out there, my leg is up in the shot of warrior 1. It should be laying flat on the ground. Whoops! I was simply a little too thrilled, haha.

Hayden Stinebaugh took the photos. Nancy Nguyen did the make-up. 

The “creative yoga transitions” is a routine that made me like yoga. The sequence of poses makes it interesting and challenging to practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start liking yoga?

A: If you are interested in starting to like yoga, here is a list of ways that have been shown to help others get started.
-Yoga may take time and practice. Be patient.
-Be motivated by what your body can do for itself and all the things you can accomplish through it!
-Practice patience with yourself as well -sometimes we need more rest, sometimes we just need fewer distractions so that our mind has space to focus on something else like making progress in our poses or breathing exercises

How can I enjoy yoga?

A: There are many different ways to enjoy yoga. You can find an online video that teaches you the basics and then take things from there. If you want a more immersive experience, try watching some Youtube videos with people doing demonstrations in real life places like park or beach where theyre giving exercises live.

How can I make yoga more interesting?

A: Well, I could answer your question. But that would be a bit boring and repetitive for you to read! Instead, why not have a go at some yoga yourself? It is healthy and good for the soul.

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