The 30 Minute Body Burn to Make You Strong AF

The best way to get in shape is by getting rid of your ability to process sugar. Learn how the body reacts and what you should do about it.

The “yoga flow ideas” is a 30 Minute Body Burn that will make you strong AF. The workout consists of seven different yoga poses, and it can be done anywhere.

Working out hasn’t always been my favorite pastime. There hasn’t been a single physical activity that I’ve done for more than a couple years in my life. I’ve participated in a variety of sports, including jogging, softball, crew, swimming, lifting, basketball, and more. Nothing ever stayed in place.

I haven’t always appreciated physically demanding exercises. Workouts that pushed me to my limits and made me sweat profusely exhausted my body for the whole day.

But something in me changed after college. Maybe it was because I was dating a former college athlete, but whatever the case, I began to seek out more difficult exercises. I started attending to hot yoga four times a week, and my body quickly became addicted to the perspiration, heat, and endorphins. 


I began incorporating more strength-intensive training into my yoga practices around a year ago. I began performing HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, as popularized by fitness superstars such as Kayla Itsines and the Tone It Up gals.

It was awful at first. These exercises drove me to the brink of mental and physical exhaustion.

But as time went on, the exercises became simpler, and I saw improvements in my body that encouraged me to keep going: my butt went from super (guys, suuuper) flabby to round, my abs showed more than ever before, and most significantly, I felt stronger.


HIIT exercises have gained popularity in recent years as a result of studies suggesting that shorter, higher-intensity workouts have more noticeable results than longer, lower-intensity workouts. My personal favorite aspect of my exercise is that it just takes 30 minutes, including breaks. Yes, you put in a good 30 minutes of effort, but it’s over before you realize it.

I’ve devised a 30-minute body-sculpting routine that targets your legs, abdomen, and arms. I perform this program 4-5 times each week, but if you’re just getting started, start with 2-3 times per week and work your way up.


This is how it goes. Set a timer for 6 minutes using the infographic below as a reference. Repeat the first column of exercises twice more. After your timer beeps, take a two-minute break, then set the timer for six minutes and repeat the second column of exercises twice more. Rest for two minutes before repeating the process. As a result, it will appear like this:

Minutes 1-6: cycle around the column twice. Minutes 7-8: pause Minutes 9-14: spin across the column twice 15-16 minutes: rest Minutes 17-22: flip across the column twice. 1 minute and a half (minutes 23-24): rest Rotate twice across column 2 in minutes 25-30.

Does it make sense? Cool!


Some pointers:

-Have a meal before working out. When I eat before a workout, I always feel more energy and the activity is less difficult. -Don’t go too quickly. Please take your time. You want to train your muscles as much as possible. – Play some music loudly. Turn it up to eleven and immerse yourself in the music. It makes a significant difference to have beautiful music playing.

Always keep in mind that the aim is to finish the exercise. It’s OK if this means slowing down or taking a break. But, once you start an exercise, I feel you should push yourself to complete it. This fosters a more resilient mentality in the face of both mental and physical challenges.

I hope you had a good time! XO.


The “how to learn to like yoga” is a 30 minute body burn that will make you strong AF. It’s not about the poses, it’s about the flow of energy and how you feel during this workout.

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