S’mores Cookies

These are one of my favorite cookies to make, especially for a festive occasion like the summer solstice. You can use any type of chocolate bar you prefer and mix it with graham crackers, marshmallows and milk chocolate bars until they’re all mixed in nicely.

S’mores cookies bars are a delicious dessert that is easy to make and can be made in under an hour. The recipe includes graham crackers, chocolate chips, and marshmallow fluff. Read more in detail here: s’mores cookies bars.

Brown butter dough, chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs, and a gooey marshmallow center make up S’mores Cookies. Drool, drool, drool, drool This simple s’mores cookie recipe adds a little additional pizzazz to your basic cookie recipe.

Are you a s’mores fanatic as well? For a luxurious treat, try these s’mores macarons or this s’mores layer cake!

Cookies with S’mores

Have you heard of it? National Cookie Day is here! Also known as the happiest day of the year. With the holidays approaching, there’s no such thing as too many cookies. So, thank you very much, we’ll be enjoying National Cookie Day for the rest of the month. 


And we’re starting with the greatest s’mores cookies, which are loaded with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate, and gooey marshmallows.

S’mores is one of our all-time favorite tastes, as you surely well know. S’mores cakes, s’mores brownies, s’mores macarons…we’ll take marshmallows and chocolate in pretty much any dessert shape.

So we knew we had to create a s’mores cookie as we were contemplating all the amazing cookies we were going to bake this Holiday season (it’s cookie season!).



What are S’mores Cookies, and how do you make them?

Our favorite browned butter chocolate chip cookie recipe is used to make these s’mores cookies. Before baking, incorporate crackers graham into the batter and place a marshmallow in the middle of each cookie dough ball.

The marshmallow puffs up while the cookie bakes, giving you the gooiest, chewiest, most delectable cookie ever. 

Everyone is certain to return for seconds (or thirds).


What are the ingredients needed to create s’mores cookies?

To begin, gather all of the necessary ingredients for a chewy sugar (brown) cookie:

  • butter that has not been salted
  • sugar granules
  • brown sugar
  • extract of vanilla
  • flour
  • soda bicarbonate
  • salt

To make s’mores out of your regular cookies, you’ll only need three extra ingredients:

  • chocolate
  • graham crackers
  • marshmallows.

When you combine all of that sweetness, you’ve got yourself the ideal smores cookie recipe!


What’s even better? You’ll be able to obtain all of your ingredients in one location. 

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In these cookies, we used ALDI’s Simply Nature Organic Cane Sugar and Baker’s Corner Dark Chocolate Morsels. In the heart of our cookies, the Baker’s Corner Marshmallows melt into the most exquisite mallowy pools.


Now go make alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 



Brown butter dough, chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs, and a gooey marshmallow center make up S’mores Cookies. Drool, drool, drool, drool

  • Sofi is the author of this piece.
  • 15-minute prep time
  • 15 minutes to prepare
  • 30 minutes in total
  • 1 batch yields 20 cookies.
  • Dessert is a category of food.
  • Baked method
  • American cuisine
  • Sofi is the author of this piece.
  • 15-minute prep time
  • 15 minutes to prepare
  • 30 minutes in total
  • 1 batch yields 20 cookies.
  • Dessert is a category of food.
  • Baked method
  • American cuisine



  • Sofi is the author of this piece.
  • 15-minute prep time
  • 15 minutes to prepare
  • 30 minutes in total
  • 1 batch yields 20 cookies.
  • Dessert is a category of food.
  • Baked method
  • American cuisine


  • browned and cooled 34 cup unsalted butter
  • 1 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 13 cup organic cane sugar from Simply Nature
  • 1 room temperature egg + 1 egg yolk 
  • vanilla extract (two tablespoons)
  • a quarter teaspoon of salt
  • 1 3/4 cup flour (all-purpose)
  • a quarter teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 cup dark chocolate morsels from Baker’s Corner
  • 4 pieces of paper Graham Crackers are a kind of cracker that is made
  • 9 halved Baker’s Corner Marshmallows


  1. Brown the butter in a heavy-bottomed pot over medium heat, stirring frequently until it foams and becomes a golden brown, releasing a nutty scent. Remove the butter from the heat and set it aside to cool fully before using.
  2. Whisk together the cooled brown butter, brown sugar, and Simply Nature Organic Cane Sugar in a large mixing dish. Combine the egg, egg yolk, and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly. Fold in the flour, baking soda, and salt until well mixed. Fold in the Baker’s Corner Dark Chocolate Morsels and graham crackers with a light hand until barely incorporated.
  3. Using a 1 ounce cookie scoop, scoop out the cookies. Make a cavity with your thumb in the center and half a marshmallow inside. Release the ball from the cookie scoop and roll it together to completely cover the marshmallow. Rep with the rest of the dough. Refrigerate cookie dough balls for at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours before serving.
  4. When you’re ready to bake, preheat the oven to 350°F. On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, space the biscuits two inches apart. Bake for 12 to 14 minutes, or until golden brown on the outside but still gooey in the middle. Allow to cool completely before eating!

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a few hints and tricks

  • Don’t overwork the dough! Because overmixing might result in dry cookies, gently stir until barely blended.
  • Make careful to cut the marshmallows in half and completely wrap the cookie dough around them so they don’t explode out of the cookie while it bakes!
  • Don’t overcook the potatoes! Because the cookies will continue to cook as they cool, they should be gooey and underbaked in the centre.


ALDI is sponsoring this post on s’mores cookies. Thank you for your continued support of the companies that make Broma possible!

S’mores Cookies are one of the best cookies to have. They’re a great combination of chocolate and marshmallow, with a crunchy graham cracker on the outside. This recipe is easy to make, and they can be made in advance. Reference: chocolate s’mores cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the subway smores cookie?

A: The subway smores cookie is a popular flavor of the month that does not have an official name. It consists of fudge topped with chocolate chips, peanut butter cups and milk chocolate covered pretzels on top.

Why is a Smore called a Smore?

A: A smore is a campfire-like dessert with two chocolate bars sandwiched together and dipped in milk or melted chocolate. It was introduced to the American public by Girl Scouts of America during World War II, so its referred to as smores because they were originally called smores.

How do you keep marshmallows from melting in cookies?

A: Place them on parchment paper and let the marshmallows dry out before putting them in your cookies.

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