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If you’re looking for some easy September inspiration, look no further. There’s a variety of amazing pictures from around the world that are sure to leave your mouth watering and put those autumnal jitters at ease.

September in Pictures is a free app that allows users to take and share pictures of September. The app has been available for the past few years.

It’s been a terrific month so far. I resigned my job, renovated Broma, and have been baking like crazy. I’ve also landed several freelance assignments, surprised my sister Rebe in upstate New York for her birthday, completed some fun home décor tasks, and just returned from a fantastic weekend in Chicago. Seriously. It could not have gone any better.

Because of all of these changes, I’ve chosen to write a Life in Pictures article. Are you guys like this kind of thing? The girl with flour-dusted hair and a counter full of half-eaten baked products behind the brownie photos? OK. Good.

September began with a job termination. It’s not something I’d want to discuss publicly, but I will say that it was a well-considered choice for me. I’ve had more peace of mind in the last month than I had in the previous year and a half, and I’m loving the independence of working for myself. I’ve taken two trips: one to upstate New York to see my sister for her birthday, and another to Chicago with the boyfriend. I’ve read around four novels (I just finished Sharp Objects, which was super entertaining and an easy Sunday read). Otherwise, I’ve been keeping myself occupied with blogging (obviously), yoga (double duh), and side projects like refinishing a bar cart and redecorating our apartment.

In addition, I enrolled in a pottery class! Wheel Throwing 101 is the name of the class. Without Patrick Swayze and all that, it’s straight up Ghost. I’m looking forward to making mugs and then drinking coffee from them.

I was overjoyed when I was able to see my sister. I surprised her by reserving a ticket, organizing with her roommates, and showed there on Friday night for her 21st birthday weekend. We enjoyed a wonderful weekend, visiting the farmer’s market, shopping in town, and strolling through picturesque lanes lined with carriage homes and Victorian palaces. We enjoyed supper on a covered terrace at a posh Creole restaurant, then went downtown to celebrate her 21st birthday and hit the bars. Waffles were cooked by her roommates in the morning. It was just too adorable.

Do you ever had those moments when nothing beats being with your family? One of those journeys was this one. My sister is someone I adore.

The journey to Chicago was a quick but enjoyable weekend escape. Alex and I left early on Saturday morning and arrived in Chicago around noon. We left our belongings at the flat and went for a long tour around town. We went to Eataly Chicago and enjoyed the finest sandwich of our life there. It cost $16 and was well worth it. What was it, you may wonder? A crisp and chewy baguette coated with EVOO, packed with thick slices of prime rib, then drizzled with additional olive oil.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes It couldn’t have been that nice, could it? All I have to say is that it was. If you ever find yourself in Chicago, you must have this sandwich at Eataly.

We pitstopped at a pub before heading to Michigan Avenue because Alex refused to go shopping without first having a beverage. We went to visit Lake Michigan after what he dubbed “tipsy shopping” and rushed home to get ready for dinner. We went to a busy River North location (I’m preparing a cocktail article this week inspired by a drink I had there), then to an outdoor lounge/club/whatever where we sat by a fire pit and gazed out over the city. The following morning, we went to The Publican for breakfast, where I had the finest sticky bun I’d ever tasted. Take a peek at the images below. It was really ridiculous. To say the least, it was a weekend of delicious cuisine.

Now I’m back at our Ann Arbor loft, wearing a bath towel over my head and eating the last of my 6 pound Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake (I even brought it to Chicago with us). Don’t pass judgment). I’m satisfied. I’m more than satisfied. I’m content.

I’m looking forward to October.

1636270454_307_September-in-PicturesTo top things off, there’s more brunch! Take a look at the bacon!



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