Scenes from my first Foodtography Workshop

I had the pleasure to work with a small group of people in my first Foodtography workshop. We worked together for three hours and captured many different scenes from around San Francisco.

In this article, I will be sharing with you a few of the scenes from my first Foodtography Workshop. I hope that these images inspire you to get out and shoot your own food photography! Read more in detail here: how to approach restaurants for food photography.

In July, I held my first ever food photography workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan (called #foodtographyworkshop). I hosted 13 lovely ladies from all over the nation with the help of my fantastic assistant Hilari and the very skilled Sherrie Castellano of With Food + Love. We spent our days shooting each meal while learning about composition, light, and color. We ate a 5-course dinner prepared by a nationally recognized chef, went to the farmer’s market in search of local products, drank exquisite summer drinks created by a local bartender, and were treated to many excellent meals prepared by Sherrie. I’m so grateful to have had such an amazing group of students for my first course, and I have a particular link with each and every lady that attended.

I’ve compiled a list of workshop highlights here. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re interested in attending one of my food photography seminars, I still have two spaces available for the September one in Napa, CA! To get in contact, leave a comment below! 

Dinner on the opening night

I’m talking about a five-course dinner cooked by Sarah Welch, a Michelin-starred Detroit chef with whom I formerly worked in Ann Arbor. It was an incredible opening night, thanks to an absolutely beautiful design by Detroit Cultivated.


Toast Bar for Breakfast

This morning toast bar was better than pancakes and waffles.


Fred’s for lunch

My great buddy Fred welcomed us to his Instagram-worthy restaurant, which was every bit as delectable as it seemed. These great images were taken by two guests, Emily and Shannan, while I was engaged assisting our group with photography.

1636278033_650_Scenes-from-my-first-Foodtography-Workshop 1636278033_198_Scenes-from-my-first-Foodtography-Workshop

Class on Cake Decorating

Is it truly a workshop if there isn’t cake? To design these two beautiful cakes, we split up into small groups.


Dinner for the whole family

Our second night’s meal was flawlessly executed by Sherrie. It was the group’s favorite supper of the whole weekend, with everything from summer corn and polenta to the most exquisite chilled soup.


Cocktails and Cheese Boards

On Saturday night, we split up into two-person teams to create our own cheese boards. The outcomes were fetal-like. Following that, my buddy Pierce prepared three delicious summer drinks for us to sample and photograph.


Aventura’s Farewell Dinner

We took the final night off to have wonderful tapas at Aventura, a restaurant where I used to work. It was the ideal way to round out the week.


Thank you to everyone who helped make this workshop a success: Sherrie and Hilari, the lovely owners of the gorgeous house that served as our backdrop for the weekend, Sarah Welch and her team, The Graduate for hosting our attendees, Detroit Cultivated for the amazing opening dinner design, Sur La Table and Cloud Terre for the most beautiful collection of plates, silverware, and glassware, Louis Jadot for providing my favorite French wines, Fred’s, Aventura, Kroger, Vermont Creatures, and Every step of the way, it was a team effort, and I appreciate your efforts!

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