Our Bedroom Makeover with Article

This article will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to transform your bedroom without spending too much money.
The steps are easy and even if you’re not the craftiest person, there’s no reason why this can’t be done in an afternoon or two!っていうことは、賢くないのに2日で完了することが可能かも。

The “article basi bed” is a blog that focuses on all things home decor. The blog has articles, reviews, and tips for any room in your house.

Your bedroom is said to be a haven. If that’s the case, until approximately two weeks ago, my refuge was a dump. 

Our bedroom has seemed like an afterthought since we moved into our apartment last year. Against our white linens and light grey walls, our bed frame was low to the ground and almost undetectable. We didn’t have a rug since Tilly had so many accidents as a puppy that we had to throw it away. Our side tables, meanwhile, were essentially stools I got on Etsy that I thought would be charming but ended up looking raggedy. 


As a result, every time I walked into our bedroom, I wanted to turn around and go straight away. 




Let’s go back to last month. This great amazing furniture firm with whom I’ve previously worked requested me to write a review of their new range of bedroom furniture. “Are you reading my mind?” I wondered as I saw their email in my inbox. It was just what I was looking for! Our bedroom was in dire need of a makeover.


And don’t just take my word for it; have a peek at the before photographs. 



Normally, I would avoid purchasing furniture online without first visiting a real shop and being able to touch, see, and feel the quality of the materials. But we were so impressed with our dining table—the quality of the wood, the weight, and the entire appearance—that I agreed to buy bedroom furniture from Article right away! And wow, was that a wise choice.




The rug is really soft and beautiful, with a low pile that feels wonderful underfoot. The headboard is so different and makes a big impression without being too much, and the nightstands have that minimalist mid-century design that I like. 




Everything is well-made and solid, and the price is shockingly low. With wholesaling and physical stores, Article bypasses the middleman, opting for a direct-to-consumer strategy that keeps costs low while maximizing quality. 


We’re overjoyed with how everything came out, and I can certainly state that I’ll never want to leave my room again!









In return for furnishings, I collaborated on this article with Article. All content and views are mine. Thank you for your support of the businesses that make Broma possible!

The “article oak bed” is a blog post that gives an overview of how our bedroom makeover turned out. The article includes before and after pictures, as well as details about the project.

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