My Trip to Hawaii with Four Seasons Hualalai

At Four Seasons Hualalai, the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding valleys are hard to beat. The resort offers an amazing array of activities for guests including hiking, picnics in a lava tube or at one of dozens of different beaches.

This article describes a trip I recently took to Hualalai with Four Seasons. With an all inclusive price tag of $650,000 USD for 12 days in Hawaii, the resort is one of the most luxurious on earth and offers guests world class cuisine from executive chef Christine Ohlman

The “day pass four seasons hualalai” is a day pass that allows you to visit the Four Seasons Hualalai resort in Hawaii.


Last week, I spent a few days on Kona, Hawaii’s largest and most beautiful island, and it was an unforgettable experience. I’ll do my best to convey its spirit, but if you’re seeking for a new place to visit, I strongly advise you to go see it for yourself. 



The Four Seasons Hualalai, a private oceanfront hotel constructed on the island’s natural lava rocks, was where I stayed.

Everywhere you turned, you were greeted with lush greenery and breathtaking vistas. When I walked into my room, I was instantly transported to a luxurious retreat complete with the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in and an incredible outdoor shower. I lived my best life in the flowered robe they gave for the small period of time I was in the room.



The Four Seasons staff is one of the friendliest and most honest groups of individuals I’ve ever encountered. From their warm welcome to each ‘Aloha,’ you quickly felt a feeling of belonging. The Ka’upulehu Cultural Center, where the vivid history of Hawaii is brought to life via thoughtfully-led activities and workshops, was one of my favorite things on the island.

Four Seasons even held a special lei-making session for us, where we learned how to create our own leis or flower crowns while learning about the tradition’s wonderful importance. Strongly recommended!! 


You know this review wouldn’t be complete without a detailed description of all the delicious foods I sampled throughout my visit. To be quite honest, we ate. Quite a bit. And believe me when I say that eating at Four Seasons Hualalai is more than simply a meal; it’s an EXPERIENCE. Chef Bellec (aka my new best buddy) crafted the most spectacular meals, each showcasing traditional Hawaiian food in creative ways.

So here are some of my favorite food memories: At Ulu Grill, there’s a sushi trio. Beach Tree was poked. Beach Tree Bar & Lounge’s shaved ice. Hualalai Trading Co.’s iced coffee and pastries You may order fish tacos to be brought directly to your pool. Heheheheh, and the lemon ricotta pancakes from in-room dining.




Chef took us to neighboring salt flats and escorted us through the process of how ancient Hawaiians gathered salt decades ago, which was one of my favorite aspects of the trip. Simply, there’s a phenomenon known as “The King’s Tide,” which is basically an exceptionally high tide that traps salt water along the shore’s cliff edges. Beautiful sea salt crystals grow as the days pass and the salt water evaporates. 


I was so eager to get my hands on some salt that I took Chef’s salt harvesting spoon and went out on my own to forage. It was AMAZING.

My life was transformed forever after harvesting when we were able to cook a three-course dinner with the salt we’d obtained, combined with excellent wines. One of the courses was an entire fish baked in salt, which trapped all of the fish’s fluids and resulted in the most luscious and delicate fish I’ve ever had. Chef even let me open the fish myself since I was the group’s chef!




The Barefoot Beachfront Dinner at Beach Tree, where you’ll be wined and fed with a five-course feast of the freshest little Hawaiian delicacies, is another must-do. We sat beneath the stars, sand between our toes, and ate incredible meals with equally amazing company. Chef Bellec patiently described each meal and why it was prepared, which was a real treat for a gourmet like myself! Really, I could go on and on about the cuisine there, but it’s making me hungry.

On the trips we took while we were there, we created another one of the most fantastic memories. Four Seasons can assist you plan an experience on a ribcraft to boat through the cleanest seas I’ve ever seen and snorkel beside dolphins. Because I was so enthusiastic, I immediately jumped into the water the second our teacher said we could. One part of me wishes I had taken more images of this beautiful moment, but another part of me thinks, well, that’s one less second you got to swim with dolphins. 

Also, my attempt to appear nice while wearing snorkling gear is shown below. 


I’d also suggest taking a look at the fitness center. They’re cutting-edge technology. You can keep (a semblance) of your regular exercise regimen while soaking in the splendor of Four Seasons, from the lap pool to the fitness programs and activities. We were even guided through a serene seaside yoga practice at dawn, enabling us to establish our daily intention while taking in the scenery!


For years, I’ve been a fan of the Four Seasons (have you seen my guide to Scottsdale?) because their locations are so amazing, combining local culture with world-class amenities, relaxation, and joy. The Four Seasons Hualalai was outstanding in every way–high-end facilities, a dedication to local heritage, and unrivaled service. I highly suggest staying at this resort and consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to do so.


I was asked to spend a week at the Four Seasons, but I was not rewarded in any manner. All of my views are entirely my own. Thank you for helping to make Broma a reality by supporting the businesses and products that make it possible!

The “four seasons hualalai kamaaina” is a trip that I took to Hawaii with my family. It was an amazing experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fun-filled vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to stay at the 4 Seasons in Hawaii?

A: The cost of staying at the Four Seasons resort in Hawaii depends on many factors. One factor is how long you will be visiting for with how much are you willing to spend each day, which would give a better idea of what your budget might look like based on that information.

Which airport is closest to Four Seasons Hualalai?

A: Hualalai is in the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, so it would be best to fly into Kona International Airport.

Why is Four Seasons hotel so expensive?

A: Four Seasons hotel in Miami Beach is a luxury hotel that only the wealthiest individuals can afford to stay at. It costs more due to its superior accommodations and amenities, which include an aquarium with sharks, live lobsters and octopi.

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