Introducing…Foodtography School (a virtual food photography school!)

Foodtography School is a global platform that teaches food photography skills to aspiring photographers. Founded by photographer and culinary enthusiast, Marjolein de Windt, Foodtography is the first program of its kind on the market. “,

Foodtography School is a virtual food photography school that teaches students how to take amazing food photos. It is created by a professional photographer, who has also published her own cookbook.

Guys, I’ve got some pretty fantastic news for you. My Foodtography School is probably something you’ve seen on Instagram. Our popular food photography course is returned, and it’s better than ever.

Foodtography School was formed on the belief that food photography is both a talent and a business. And now, with twice the material, all-new features, and more goodies than ever before, we’re presenting you our revised course!

Because lousy photography will only take you so far. If you want to make a living out of food photography, you’ll need to take amazing photos and know how to promote yourself to prospective customers.

The money is already there; all you need to do now is figure out how to generate content that demands it.

Foodtography School is an online school that will help you enhance your food photography skills as well as your company. It’s a fast-paced, information-packed course that will completely transform your approach to food photography.


So, you’re thinking about taking a food photography class.

I designed this course because I get approximately 10 emails every week from individuals asking me about food photography. “How can I improve my compositions?” for example. or “How can I become a Lightroom master?” “How do I contact brands?” and even “How do I contact brands?”

This food photography course, my friends, addresses all of those questions and more.

Foodtography School was created on the notion that, like any other form of visual art, food photography is inextricably tied to great composition and visual design principles. Your food photography will become a still kind of art as you explore these concepts. If you’re a blogger, marketer, small business owner, or creative wanting to take your food photography to the next level, this food photography course is for you.

These are information-packed, lecture-style videos that have been pre-recorded. You’ll have unlimited access to the program, so you may go at your own speed right now or in a few months!

IntroducingFoodtography-School-a-virtual-food-photography-school@wellseasonedstudio is a Foodtography School alumnus.

Food Photography as a Subject in School

So, let’s break it down so you know exactly what you’ll get when you sign up today:

Unit 1: Photography Fundamentals

Begin by learning the fundamentals! Learn how to shoot in manual mode (which is a necessity!) and how to edit in Lightroom, our preferred editing program.

  • Part 1: Photographic History
  • Part 2: Getting to Know Your Camera’s Settings
  • Part 3: Creating a Food Photography Setup
  • Part 4: Recommendations for Props and Backgrounds
  • Part 05: A Walkthrough of Lightroom

Composition (Unit 2)

The first step in creating your ideal business is to become a professional photographer. That’s when composition, our wonderful buddy, comes in…

  • Part 1: Fundamental Principles of Composition
  • Part 2: Getting a Glimpse of Movement
  • Part 3: How to Manipulate Unfavorable Lighting
  • Textural and Contrast Layering (Part 4)
  • Part 05: The Benefits of Working in Groups
  • Part 06: Using Perspective in Photography

Unit 3: Lighting

A camera is nothing more than a box that lets light in. That’s why, in order to take beautiful shots and become a great food photographer, you need to understand light.

  • Part 1: Different Types of Light (and How to Detect)
  • Part 2: Different Kinds of Light (and How to Shoot)
  • Part 3: Lighting Mistakes to Avoid
  • Part 4: How to Make Your Lighting More Consistent

1636277914_64_IntroducingFoodtography-School-a-virtual-food-photography-school@leanne-shor, a Foodtography School alum

4th Unit: Branding

Create your own personal brand and visual voice so that you can take stunning, consistent food images.

  • The Importance of Branding (Part 1)
  • Visual Branding (Part 2)
  • Brand Messaging (Part 3)
  • Finding Your Visual Voice (Part 4)

Editing (Unit 5)

Food photography necessitates being a Lightroom editing wiz with the ability to edit in a variety of approaches. Plus, discover your own own editing style!

  • Part 1: The Two Elements of a Good Edit
  • Part 2: Soft and Moody Editing
  • Part 3: Dark and Bold Editing
  • Part 4: Editing to Tell Your Color Story

6th Unit: Social Media

Master the social media game so you can showcase your work in the best possible light while also gaining customers and brand partnerships as soon as feasible.

  • Part 1: An Overview of Social Media
  • Part 2: How to Be Successful on Instagram
  • Part 3: Analytical Tools
  • Understanding Other Social Outlets (Part 4)
  • Part 05: Instagram Quickfire Questions

Business + Marketing (Unit 7)

Learn how to advertise to your target market, approach businesses with confidence, and deal with clients like a pro so you can start being paid what you’re worth!

  • Part 1: Content Promotion
  • Part 2: The Mindset of Collaboration
  • Part 3: How to Approach Brands
  • Part 4: How to Determine Your Work’s Value
  • Part 4: How to Bargain
  • Part 06: Food Photography Business Practices in General


But hold on… MORE IS COMING.


  • NO. 1: 3 STYLING SESSIONS IN REAL TIME Get three live food styling sessions in the studio! Sarah walks you through her precise process for shooting spaghetti, pie, and brownies so you can understand how she approaches food design and photography.
  • SESSION FOR PRODUCT STYLING NO. 2 Get a FOURTH style session, this time focusing on how to integrate goods into your picture from behind the scenes! You’ll learn how to include three distinct branded items into your shot for maximum impact.
  • NO. 3: WORKBOOK DOWNLOADABLE A printable workbook is included with our new course. Follow along and fill out your workbook so you can review the most essential facts at any time!
  • NO. 4: ACCESS TO A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP Obtain access to our private Facebook group, where you can get comments from other food photographers and build new contacts in the field.
  • NO. 5: EACH UNIT’S EXERCISE ASSIGNMENTS! Weekly activities are included in the newly new Foodtography School to help you put your new knowledge into practice right away!
  • NO. 6: DISCOUNTS ON ALL FOODTOGRAPHY SCHOOL COURSES AND PRODUCTS IN THE FUTURE You’ll earn future discounts on all our Foodtography School courses and goods after you’ve become a Foodtography insider! WOO!


Foodtography School is more than just a class; it’s a community of people that support and encourage one another. I’m very pleased of the students who have already graduated from our food photography course, and I can’t wait for you to join them.

Here’s where you can learn more about Foodtography School. I can’t wait to see how amazing your food photography is!

Brownies and love,


Foodtography School is a new online school that teaches food photography. The school offers a discount for our readers! Reference: foodtography school discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foodtography school?

A: Foodtography is the art of photographing food.

What is Foodtography?

A: Foodtography is a type of culinary art that combines ingredients, aesthetics, and digital media. It can be created in an artistic or scientific manner.

Is food photography school worth?

A: Food photography school is a service that many photographers offer. Photographers generally charge around $500 to take your order and provide you with professional photos of food, which can then be edited as desired.

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