How I Hired An Interior Designer At Age 25

When I was 25 years old, I had no idea what it meant to have an interior designer. So when my sister and her friend told me about the benefits of hiring one, like not having to worry about painting walls or buying furniture for any room in your house since everything is done for you-I knew this was something worth doing. Plus, who doesn’t want their own personal design assistant? Stay tuned at where I will detail how my work with an interior designer helped turn my life around!

Interior design is the process of designing and decorating interiors. It is a multi-faceted profession that combines art, craft, architecture, fashion, and technology. Interior designers create interior spaces for residential buildings or corporate offices.


Hello! That’s me up there! In her beautiful new workspace, a small bloggy-blogger.

I’m all grown up now. It’s my first “I’m a genuine grown-up who isn’t simply working out of my bedroom…” workplace.

I also hired an interior designer to adorn it, making it even more adult-like.

Now, if you had told a struggling college student like myself that as a 25-year-old, I could employ an interior designer, I would have labeled you a liar. But it’s real, and the service is known as Havenly. And it’s really the finest thing that’s ever happened to me. 


Havenly was introduced to me by one of my closest friends. She casually said one day that she was working on her bedroom with an interior designer.

“Wait, what?” I exclaimed.

Everything had to be known to me. “Yeah, and it’ll only set you back $200,” she said.

In other words, for $200, you can have a fully designed space from a real-life interior designer.

Alex and I had just relocated to Detroit, and I wanted to stock up on supplies for my then-empty office. So I said, “Sign me up.”

1636279116_729_How-I-Hired-An-Interior-Designer-At-Age-25On Havenly’s website, I completed a design survey and was paired with one of their interior designers based on my preferences. I was able to look at previous work by designers to get a feel of their style before deciding who I wanted to work with.

I knew I needed a designer with a clean, masculine aesthetic in their portfolio. Shelby, Havenly’s director of design, knew exactly what she was talking about. She was perfectly aware of my own style and the atmosphere I want in the space.

1636279118_127_How-I-Hired-An-Interior-Designer-At-Age-25Sarah’s look was a wonderful mix of minimalist and boho. Her inspiration was full of Scandinavian inspirations and clean lines with just a hint of boho! To begin, the room is stunning, with large windows, high ceilings, and plenty of natural light, so keeping everything else light, clean, and tidy seemed like the best option for making this a place that would truly push you to go to work! To make the area seem balanced and tidy, I used symmetry, repetition, and minimum color. Styling the shelves and employing mobile items with clean white surfaces, such as the desks on wheels, appeared to work well for Sarah’s everyday demands (shooting, bloggin, etc).

-Shelby Girard, Director of Design at Havenly

I gave Shelby images of my workplace, as well as inspiration photos of spaces, styles, and furnishings I loved. I was free to establish whatever budget I wanted for furnishing and decorating my room ($2,000), and I was permitted to retain some of the stuff I already owned (basically a bunch of props and some plants).

Shelby then responded with two designs for my space. Both featured a mostly-white aesthetic, with organic and worldly flashes of color. Everything had to be functional, and both ideas hit the mark. However, I was still undecided about a few pieces, so Shelby and I discussed what could be a better match.

I granted Shelby permission to develop my final design when I agreed on a few additional things. It was right there!


I was head over heels in love. Shelby nailed it with the white bookshelves the tobacco leather butterfly chair, and the rug was the nicest thing ever. I really liked the matching metal file cabinet for my receipts and invoices, as well as the pair of metal moving tables I currently shoot on (they can simply move wherever the best light is in the room at the moment!).

It was light and airy, and it was precisely what I was looking for.

1636279122_50_How-I-Hired-An-Interior-Designer-At-Age-25From there, I could have expressed my gratitude to Shelby and made arrangements to purchase all of the items on my own. Havenly had no expectation of my purchasing anything, which was fantastic.

Havenly, on the other hand, price-matches and handles delivery for all of the merchants they partner with (Crate & Barrel, Target, Urban Outfitters, Wayfair, and so on!). As a result, I decided to purchase items via their website.


So, why did you choose Havenly? Shelby sums it up perfectly:

The EASIEST way to beautify your house is using Havenly. Our pricing point is unrivaled in terms of the value you get. We’re also proud of our incredible team of designers, whom we extensively screen and train. We do the legwork for you by hand-picking a group of designers that we believe would be a fantastic fit for you based on your taste, and our method is designed to work with you and your input to create a space you love! We’re forward-thinking, but we’re also approachable and inexpensive, and we understand that not everyone can afford a large budget for interior design.

-Shelby Girard, Director of Design at Havenly

In addition, I saved a lot of time, energy, and worry by not having to pick out hundreds of different products from numerous places that could or might not fit together in the end.

And why wouldn’t I do this as someone who was relocating and needed to purchase a lot of furniture anyway?

So that’s how, at the age of 25, I engaged an interior designer. You can, too, if you have $200.



Here’s a rundown of everything I’ve done in my space:

(Mine is sold gone.) Detroit Poster | Floor Lamp | Desk Chairs | Tobacco Leather Butterfly Chair | Sheepskin Rug (used as my desk chair pad) | Faux Fur Pillow (used as desk chair pillow) | Area Rug | Copper Wire Baskets | Rattan Pouf | Gold Giraffe | Glass Plant Mister | Potted Black Succulent | Plants: Ikea | Grey Tufted Ottoman: Homegoods

This article includes affiliate links.

Disclosure: I collaborated on this sponsored post with Heavenly and strongly endorse their services. All content and views are mine. Thank you for your support of the businesses that make Broma possible!

Hayden Stinebaugh took the photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the average interior designer?

A: The average interior designer is around 34 years old.

How do you find an interior designer thats right for you?

A: This is a tough question, because there are many factors that go into finding an interior designer. You should take your time to find the right person for you and do not settle on someone too quickly.

How many hours do interior designers work on a project?

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