Golden Tote October Review

Golden Tote Revue is a yearly event at the Minnesota State Fair where local chefs compete to be crowned best. At this year’s fair, they brought in 30 restaurants and awarded prizes for creative dishes that are also great value.

Golden Tote was an online shopping site that was supposed to revolutionize the way we shop. However, what happened to golden tote?

Friends! Today’s topic is something completely new, and I’m very thrilled to share it with you. My apron is being replaced by skirts, sweaters, and boyfriend jeans.

I spend the most of my days as a food blogger in sweats and tank shirts. I put on some training gear if I’m feeling fancy. However, I’d be lying if I claimed I didn’t like fine clothing. If you constructed a pie chart of my costs, clothes would take up a large portion.

Even though I like shopping for new clothing, traveling to the mall is not one of my favorite pastimes. When I grow up, I want to be a stylist so that I don’t have to go out looking for wonderful stuff.

But, fortunately for me, I don’t have to wait till I’m older to receive chosen items without having to travel to a shop. Ladies, meet Golden Tote, an online clothes business that delivers bags to your house on a monthly basis. Golden Bag has a staff of stylists that choose your tote based on your unique style profile and personal preferences. Choose a little tote (2-3 things) or a big bag (5-6 items) when you’re ready to get your tote, choose a few items from their constantly-rotating assortment, and they’ll take care of the rest!

What I received in my October tote was as follows: 


This suede skirt is soft and flowing. I like the way it hangs! For a beautiful autumn outfit, I wore it with a long sleeve crop top and black boots.


This military vest is light and airy. With a black sweater and some shoes, I toned it down. This is my new weekend uniform!



This tweedy jacket has a draped look to it. Despite the fact that this jacket would be appropriate for a day at the office, I choose to wear it with a tight black dress and Converse. Go, multi-purpose apparel!


These boyfriend jeans are very cool. OMG, I’m head over heels in love! These jeans cling in all the right places while maintaining a laid-back vibe. For a fantastic business casual style, pair them with a black jacket and flats.



This poncho has a cowl neck. Short-sleeved sweaters aren’t usually my thing, but I was able to style this one to my satisfaction. This would be ideal for a romantic supper or a get-together with friends.


What are your thoughts on the Golden Tote? Are you a fan? If that’s the case, join the Golden Tote email list here!

In return for an honest evaluation, I got a Golden Tote. All of my views are entirely my own!

The “stitch fix” is a monthly subscription service that sends you 5 clothing items and $20 in credit. The company has just released their October review, which includes the reviews of some of their new items.

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