Free Photoshop Actions For Food Photography!

Whether you’re a professional food photographer or just new to the craft, these free Photoshop actions will make your food photos look more appetizing and mouth-watering. Start using them today!

If you are a photographer, then you may be interested in the “photoshop actions for photographers”. The actions will help give your food photography some extra flair.

The Conundrum

Food photography is one of my favorite aspects of food blogging. Photographing a decadent brownie, a luscious chocolate cake, or a gooey cookie gives me so much pleasure. However, effective food photography isn’t only about getting a fantastic image; good editing accounts for at least half of a great food shot.

I can’t tell you how many times people have inquired about my picture editing process. And, to be honest, there aren’t many excellent food editing tutorials available. Even if you discover a solid editing approach, it might take up to 10 minutes each shot to put it into practice.

Photoshop actions can very in in this situation. 


Actions? What exactly are they?

Photoshop actions are a collection of Photoshop commands that have been pre-recorded. To create a completely modified picture, actions are performed to a photo with one click.

When you’re editing many photographs with the same or comparable adjustments, actions come in handy. They aid in the creation of a cohesive and professional body of work. They also give your photographs the pop that only Photoshop can provide, but without the bother.

The Alternative

I’ve collaborated with my pals at FilterGrade to produce a collection of bespoke Photoshop Actions that are ideal for food photography. From a RAW picture to a completely modified photo takes just 20 seconds. You’ll need need Photoshop and this free download of four food photography actions created by me.

Here are some instances of acts taken during work. These actions, unlike other downloaded filters, were created exclusively for food photography. They don’t seem too filtered; instead, they improve the curves, color, and contrast of your photographs in a natural way.


Putting Your Words into Action

So, if you’re ready to get started, download the actions here and then watch this little video to learn how to use them!

1. Save the actions to your hard drive.

2. In Photoshop, open the picture you’ll be working on.


3. Go to Window > Actions.


4. Select Load Actions from the little arrow and lines in the upper right corner of the actions window. Click on the file BB & FilterGrade Free Photoshop Actions.atn that you just downloaded.


Here’s a closer look at where you click to bring up the drop-down menu:


After then, your actions will appear in the action box.


5. Click on the action you want to utilize, then press the Play button to start the activity.


After that, your action will be applied to your picture.


Simply click the right facing arrow to the left of your actions group in your adjustment panel to access the complete set of layers if you want to make any changes to your shot. Adjustments may now be tweaked, deleted, or added as needed!


Scroll to the center of the post and click on the ‘free download’ button to get the freebie. I hope it fulfills all of your food photography fantasies! Also, make sure to check out FilterGrade for additional activities.

Filtergrade has generously sponsored this content. All of my views are entirely my own!

Watch This Video-

The “Photoshop frame actions free download” is a set of Photoshop Actions that creates frames for food photography. The set includes 20 different styles and colors to choose from. Reference: photoshop frame actions free download.

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