Designing Our Dining Room with Havenly

Have you ever felt like your dining room has been out of date for a long time and needs some revamping? Havenly is the perfect company to help with that. They offer design services for all sorts of areas, but it’s their expertise in home décor which makes them stand out from other companies. Their goal is to make people happy when they walk into the space using an innovative combination of styles, trends and materials.

Havenly is a new website that allows users to design their own kitchen. Users can choose from many different styles, colors, and layouts. It also includes a free design consultation with one of the company’s designers.

Finally, the time has come! Our dining room is now completed after months of work, and I couldn’t be happier.

Alex and I had the most trouble creating our dining room when we first moved into our present apartment. It’s a modest area in our apartment’s corner. It’s dark, claustrophobic, and devoid of natural light. In essence, it’s a gloomy spot. Ugh.

I attempted to decorate our dining room on my own after a few months of living here. I purchased a high-top table, installed shelving, and hung a mirror. However, it still seemed to be filthy, claustrophobic, and gloomy.

So, feeling dejected, I contacted my pals at Havenly, a virtual design service that matches you with an interior designer based on your interests. Last autumn, they designed my workplace space, and it was the most enjoyable and stress-free experience I’ve ever had.


It’s simple to work with Havenly. After taking a design quiz, you’ll be connected with an expert who will walk you through the whole process. Your designer comes up with 2-3 options depending on your particular requirements after you discuss your objectives with your space, your difficulties, and your budget.

Following that, they provide you with a “shopping” list of things that you may purchase on your own or via Havenly’s website. They price match to ensure you receive the greatest bargain, plus they handle all shipping so you don’t have to provide your credit card information, as with 7 websites.

1636285502_98_Designing-Our-Dining-Room-with-HavenlyI was certain that our dining room would be a failure no matter what, especially after attempting to design it myself. So I reasoned that I had nothing to lose by deferring to the experts. Furthermore, Havenly’s complete procedure costs just $200 for a full room, which is a value when compared to hiring your own interior designer. What’s not to like about that?

After everything was said and done, my designer Shelby, with whom I had previously collaborated on my office space, created a lovely basic environment with organic features to balance it all out. She listened intently to what I said and offered many options for light fixtures, wall hangings, and tables.

The end product is a bright and airy dining area with meticulous attention to detail and a terrific blend of Alex’s and my own preferences.


Our dining table, which has a simple white base with a blonde chevron-patterned wood on top, is our favorite item. I spray painted it white to match the brightness of the room since they only had it with a black base online. It’s really one-of-a-kind, and I know we’ll treasure it for years to come.

I’m also smitten with one of Shelby’s art creations, a triptych she found on a few different websites. An vintage snapshot of Woodward Avenue in Detroit appears on the upper left. Below is a lovely melancholy flower picture from Artfully Walls. And on the right, from Society 6, is my particular favorite.


1636285509_533_Designing-Our-Dining-Room-with-HavenlyOverall, we are really pleased with the results. Every time I step inside our house and see our dining room, I feel ecstatic. It’s really amazing, and it’s everything I’d hoped for in the space.

1636285512_683_Designing-Our-Dining-Room-with-HavenlyIf you’re searching for a new look for a room in your house, Havenly is generously providing Broma fans a 25% discount on its design services when you apply the code ‘BROMA25’ at checkout. Alternatively, acquire it as a present for a buddy this holiday season! ORRR, please buy it for me because I want Havenly to design the whole inside of my home. HA!



Disclosure: I collaborated on this sponsored post with Heavenly and strongly endorse their services. All content and views are mine. Thank you for helping to make Broma a reality by supporting the businesses that make it possible!

Hayden Stinebaugh took the photos.

The following is a comprehensive list of everything in the space:

Dining table (I requested a 60-inch table, but they only offer 48-inch tables right now!) | Planter | Flower Photograph | Hands In The Air Photograph | Dining Chairs | Rug | Floor Mirror | Wall Sconces

Havenly is an online design tool that provides interior design ideas for dining room. The company has a broad range of materials, colors and styles to choose from.

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