Broma’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Photographer

What better time of the year to get all that photography gear you need for your 2018 projects? With so many great cameras, lenses and accessories on sale this holiday season at, photographers should be able to find whatever they’re looking for without breaking their budget.

The “goop gift guide” is a website that offers the best gifts for people who love food, fashion and photography.

I’m beyond excited to share Part 3 of my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Photographer with you! With cameras, lenses, props, and accessories, these gifts are ideal for the picture enthusiast in your life! 

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It may be difficult to sort through the plethora of new photographic tools that have appeared in recent years and determine which ones are legitimate. So I’m here to assist you today! I’ve collected a list of everything I know, use, and love about photography. Any of them would make an excellent present for the photographer in your life. Enjoy!

Helena White Linen Napkin $8 – This is without a doubt my favorite napkin for photo sessions. The whole line is available in the most beautiful neutral tones, and the texture is stunning in person and on camera. I really, greatly recommend this book!

$90 for a Sandmarc iPhone Lens In an ideal world, you’d always have your camera with you, but if you don’t, this iPhone lens comes in handy. 2x wider images, improved detail photographs, and improved portrait mode capabilities! Simply connect to your phone and shoot.

$70 for the Incase Reform Action Pack – I’m in love with this purse. It carries all of my lenses, cameras, and laptop, yet it never seems to be full. It’s also cushioned on the back, making it ideal for traveling.

Salad Plates in Stoneware $5 – These plates are ideal for any flatlay you can think of. In photographs, the semi-matte finish is fantastic!

Woodville Workshop Backgrounds $145 – When it comes to quality, adaptability, and style, Woodville backdrops are unrivaled. Nantes, Rouen, Mumbai, Portland, Tampa, Lausanne, and Montpellier are among the cities where I have them. And there’s a lot more. THESE ARE ESSENTIAL FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER IN YOUR LIFE. Take 10% off your purchase with the coupon “foodtographyschool”!

$2,800 for a Canon 5D Mark IV camera Yes, the price is steep. However, this is the finest camera I’ve ever used, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The Mark IV is the way to go if you’re a more experienced photographer seeking to upgrade. It’s a delight to use because of the way it catches light, the clarity of the photographs, and how they explode off the screen.

$1,600 – Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L Lens This is the lens I possess that is the most versatile. The collection is ideal for interior and space photography, as well as precise food photography. If you’re only going to purchase one high-end lens, this is the one to get. If the photographer in your life doesn’t already have one, they should get one.

$700 – Canon 100mm f/2.8L Lens This is the lens to use if you want to get close to your subjects and have them jump off the screen. I use this lens all the time and consider it to be my favorite.

$173 Ona Black Leather Camera Bag — This is for the photographer who isn’t fond of camera bags. This bag is stylish, understated, and made of real leather.

$45 for a leather camera strap With this traditional leather camera strap, you can carry your camera hands-free and in elegance.

Frame Your Feed $39 – Here’s an idea: acquire a framed, printed version of the photographer in your life’s favorite Instagram photographs. THEY ARE GOING TO LOVE IT.

Professional Pop-Out Foldable Bounce Board by Neewer $47 – This is an item that I cannot live without. It helps to soften harsh shadows, eliminate distracting highlights, and ensure that your photographs are ideally lit.

Pantry Mug by Farmhouse Pottery $46 — Farmhouse Pottery is the bomb. They are a tiny, family-owned business that makes all of its ceramics by hand in their Vermont workshop. Farmhouse items are well-designed, photograph well, and are well-priced.

$100-$500 Foodtography School Gift Card — I couldn’t put together a photographer gift guide without include a gift card to the best food photography school in the world! Help a photographer in your life improve their skills, or give it to yourself as a present since nothing beats an investment in yourself!

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