48 Hours in Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a desert city in the Sonoran Desert of central Arizona. The area around Scottsdale was inhabited for more than 8000 years by Native American cultures, who knew this spot as “Sik-sa-dil.” In 1864, United States General Connor built Fort McDowell here on the Salt River Indian Reservation to monitor Apache movements and protect settlers from raiding parties. Today most people come for its golf courses or just because it’s so close to Phoenix (48 miles).

Scottsdale is a city in the state of Arizona. In this blog, I will be exploring 48 hours in Scottsdale.

I went to Scottsdale, Arizona with my greatest blogger pal Ambitious Kitchen a few weeks ago. To be precise, it was the final week of February. The weather in Boston was terrible at the time, so moving to a warm environment after months of harsh weather was a huge relief. 

I stepped off the aircraft in Arizona and went straight to my luggage to unzip it and change out of my shoes for flip flops. I wiggled my toes and cinched my jacket around my waist, enjoying the warmth. Here’s a travel advice for you: always keep flippy floppies on hand while visiting a warm region. After a lengthy trip, changing into these is the finest sensation ever.

Aaaanyways. Our time in Scottsdale was both rejuvenating and soothing. We were blessed with a very pleasant week of weather, with temperatures averaging 85 degrees and sunshine every day. So we made the most of it, cramming as much food and outdoor activities into our days as possible.

When I travel, I like being active. Not as active as wandering the city streets all day. Hiking, swimming, and jogging are all energetic activities. As a consequence, I returned home feeling revitalized rather than fatigued, as one would expect after traveling. It was just wonderful.


During our whole visit, we had the ultimate pleasure of staying at the Four Seasons Scottsdale. This location was very wonderful. The Four Seasons is a huge campus of casitas holding accommodations that seem isolated and distinct, rather than a traditional resort structure. Our room has its own entrance and a beautiful view of Scottsdale just outside our door.


The Four Seasons Scottsdale was both opulent and relaxed. The landscape complemented the southwestern architecture well. With meandering trails across the property studded with green cactuses, yellow plants, and brilliant magenta flowers, the whole location seemed like an extension of nature.

I immediately began organizing my wedding celebration on the green grass since the main building provided the most beautiful view of the surrounding region (jokes, guys. maybe.).


The pool was a total show-stopper. Just have a look at it. Do I even need to explain the scenario with words?!


This was, without a doubt, one of the most magnificent hotels I’ve ever visited. This site is well-known for weddings and other events, and I can understand why. It’d also be a great site to celebrate an anniversary or organize a family vacation. There was something for everyone at this event. 


We went into town for breakfast after checking in. In the days preceding up to the trip, I discovered Benedict’s online and instantly wrote Monique to tell her we had to go.

Benedict’s is a local catering business that also serves brunch on weekends at its downtown location. We made care to arrive early since Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days. We got a spot outdoors and drank our coffees while waiting for our bennys, enjoying the mountain wind.


I ordered the Arizona Benedict, which consisted of a corn biscuit topped with chorizo, a poached egg, and an avocado tomatillo sauce. It was really ridiculous. We also had their challah french toast, which was light, fluffy, and delicious.


We went to Pinnacle Peak, a hike just close to the Four Seasons, after our lunch. We parked our vehicle at the hotel and went down a half-mile private route to the Pinnacle Peak trailhead. It couldn’t have gone any better.

Of course, I had to snap a photo of myself doing yoga:


When an elderly gentleman noticed Monique take this photo of me, he said, “always with the selfies!” We had a good chuckle. He came close to doing it right…

The path was around 5 miles roundtrip, with a combination of steady inclines and valleys. It was a very reasonable trek that seemed more like a strenuous stroll than a serious hike. It’s suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels; we observed little children with their parents as well as really fit runners.


Of course, we felt the urge to reward ourselves after a morning of trekking. We headed to In-N-Out Burger for lunch and had animal-style cheeseburgers and fries. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!


A burger isn’t complete without a milkshake to wash it down. We returned to the hotel and got the most delectable milkshakes from Proof Canteen, one of the resort’s eateries. We sipped our shakes poolside while basking in the warm Arizona sun.


We must have chosen a fantastic day to be by the pool because after finishing our milkshakes, we went less than 10 feet to the poolside cabana for a margarita-making lesson. It was free for Four Seasons guests, and we were able to sample a variety of tequilas before creating our own bespoke marg. To pair with my fresh lime juice and tequila, I picked a prickly pear syrup. #happyhour


That night, we dined at Talavera, the hotel’s award-winning restaurant. We could see Scottsdale in the distance from our table, which fronted the valley. It was breathtaking.


The Chilean sea bass with potato risotto and braised oxtail, as well as the hibiscus glazed berries with vanilla mascarpone, were two of our favorite dishes from Talavera.


We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Proof the following morning, which included a trio of freshly squeezed juices (not seen), an egg white frittata with black mesa goat cheese and avocado, and my personal favorite, DONUT FRENCH TOAST.



We spent some poolside lazing after that great breakfast before driving back into downtown Scottsdale. We had lunch at Diego Pops, which is arguably the coolest restaurant I’ve ever visited.


This location was fantastic. The décor was well done, with a blend of southwestern, art deco, and contemporary elements. It has a large outside patio that was filled for noon lunch, in addition to interior seats.


We decided to go all out and order a large number of tacos as well as a couple of drinks. Fresh and festive, the guava coconut cocktail included Ciroc coconut, coconut water, guava, crème de coconut, and a house-made sweet and sour. It went well with the chips and guacamole.


We really couldn’t go wrong with the tacos. We had the braised green chili chicken taco, plantain taco, and shrimp taco, which were all delicious.


Camelback Mountain is about a 15-minute drive from Diego Pops. Camelback is in Scottsdale’s southern outskirts, bordering Phoenix. It’s a challenging terrain, requiring you to use your hands and feet to climb up over 3 foot rock heaps to reach the summit. It was fantastic.

It was also good to have a more physically demanding ascent after the quieter Pinnacle Peak walk. By the top, we were out of breath, but our endorphins were pumping and we were pleased. Wouldn’t you agree with this point of view?


After that, we went home to rest before our last lunch of the vacation. We had heard so many excellent things about Second Story Liquor Bar that we had to give it a go.

The ambiance was a mix of speakeasy and old library elegance (does that make sense?). Second Story Spirits Bar’s cuisine was out of this world, in addition to their great assortment of liquor.


The fried beer bread (not shown), which tasted like the most wonderful grilled cheese despite not having any cheese in it (I really wanted this recipe! ), the red wine kobe cheek, and the coffee charred deer were among our favorites.


Each dish was a symphony of flavors. Everything was wonderfully salted and seasoned, and it looked more like a piece of beauty than food when it was served. We were die-hard admirers.


Overall, it was a fantastic vacation. We had a great week in and around Scottsdale because of the variety of activities and delicious meals. It was an excellent winter alternative to a tropical location, since the weather was just as warm and the landscape was just as lovely. What more could you want from a pool like this?


Thank you very much to the following organizations for making our trip possible:

Scottsdale’s Four Seasons Hotel (we love you forever) Benedict’s Talavera Proof Canteen (Benedict’s Talavera Proof Canteen) Second Story Liquor Bar by Diego Pops

Scottsdale is the perfect place to visit for a weekend getaway. It has beautiful scenery, great restaurants and an interesting history. I was able to spend 36 hours in Scottsdale and have a blast doing it. Reference: 36 hours in scottsdale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days do you need in Scottsdale?

A: I do not know how many days you need in Scottsdale, but it takes between five and six hours to get there by car.

What is the vibe of Scottsdale?

A: Scottsdale is a city in the Phoenix metropolitan area that has an average population of about 275,000 and was ranked as one of the best places to live by Money Magazine for 2018. It also holds some old historical sites such as Old Town with its historic homes and adobe buildings dating back to 1800s-1900s era.

What is there to do in Scottsdale in January?

A: In January, Scottsdale is the best place to visit if you want a nice and warm winter. The average temperature in the desert city averages at about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are looking for white sand beaches or an amazing pool scene then this might not be the place for you but if all your other priorities are met than it could be perfect!

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