48 Hours In Boston {A Foodie’s Guide To The City} Part 1

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The Hub is the epicenter of Boston’s culinary scene. This article will help you navigate to some great food establishments, give tips for where to find vegan and vegetarian spots, list five essential restaurants if you’re new in town, recommend a few bars with happy hours, and more!

The “48 Hours In Boston {A Foodie’s Guide To The City} Part 1” is a guide to the city of boston for foodies. This guide will give you suggestions on what to do, where to go, and how much time it will take.

48 Hours In Boston {A Foodie's Guide To The City} Part 1

Hello and welcome to the first in a monthly series of travel blogs on! I’ve been preparing for months and am beyond thrilled to finally offer my first 48 Hour Guide with you.

Travel was my first kiss, if eating was my first love. I’ve had a strong travel bug since I was thirteen years old. I like learning about other cultures, geography, and cuisines. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would enthusiastically respond, “a National Geographic Photographer,” since it perfectly merged my passion for photography with my interest in culture. 

My passion for travel and adventure led me to study in anthropology in college, where I learnt about many cultures throughout the globe (as well as chimps). but that’s a tale for another day). However, after graduation, my professional life took precedence, and travel was (largely) put on wait.

Now that I’m in a job that allows me to work from home, I’m rekindling my passion for travel by hosting a monthly series of 48 Hour Guides centered on food and drink in different locations around the United States.

Of course, being a native Bostonian, I had to begin the year with a Boston guide. So, without further ado, please accept my warmest greetings from Beantown!


The Autograph Collection, a new range of independently managed hotels from Marriot, debuted recently. Each hotel is recognizable and distinct, with a style that I feel is aimed towards a younger demographic. There will be no more beige carpets or dimly lit rooms. Instead, Autograph Collection hotels are elegantly designed, combining contemporary luxury with traditional elegance.

The Envoy Hotel is one of the Autograph Collection’s members. The attention to detail, one-of-a-kind touches, and dedication to quality blew me away.


The staff was really kind and eager to go out of their way to make our stay as pleasant as possible. They also gave us a charcuterie board to keep us over till dinner.

Let’s speak about rooms for a moment. I don’t believe I’ve ever stayed in a room that was better. Our accommodation seemed like an extension of the city, with floor to ceiling windows and light and colorful design accents, from antique maps of the ports engraved into the bathroom walls to flashes of yellow matching the blue of the ocean below.


Plus, the Envoy comes with all the perks of a Marriott hotel, so you can earn Marriott points by staying at other Autograph Collection hotels around the nation. Just a thought.



The Envoy’s Outlook Kitchen and Bar is situated on the ground level. It’s warm and pleasant at night, with a fantastic liquor selection and a four-sided bar. It’s the ideal spot for a nightcap or supper without having to leave the coziness of the hotel.



There’s also a fantastic private dining area. The glass cage gives privacy without completely isolating you from the dining room’s bustle. You also have an open view into the kitchen, almost as if you were watching your own private performance.



Without a question, Sofra is my favorite restaurant in Boston. Is it possible that I’m prejudiced since I used to work there? Possibly. Is it true, though, that they provide the finest breakfast I’ve ever had? Without a doubt.

Sofra calls itself a “bakery & café” in Cambridge’s northwest corner, but it is so much more.


Sofra’s cuisine mixes Turkish/Middle-Eastern ingredients with innovative presentation. Things like shakshuka (which I just made), morning buns (croissant dough coated in cardamom sugar and topped with orange blossom sauce), and asure (which I just made) (whole grain hot cereal with pistachio, almond, and rose).

Sofra is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Tahini hot chocolate, orange apricot iced tea, and Turkish coffee are among the drinks available. A huge to-go fridge has items such as red pepper whipped feta, carrot kibbeh, and muhammara.


It is, without a doubt, the most intriguing and delectable area I have ever visited. Every visit is a pleasure, with each dish bursting with incredible and unusual tastes. Turkish cuisine is my favorite cuisine only because of this establishment. I’m serious about this. This is a must-see for all men.



Sofra is just a short drive away from Ames Street Deli. The way they blend a deli and a bar is one of the best aspects about it. MIT students, professors, and working professionals use the store throughout the day. They provide a selection of sandwiches and baked products that are suited for both a sit-down dinner and a quick lunch. The facility is turned into a specialty cocktail bar with delectable bites to accompany at night.


Of course, if you’d want a drink with your lunch, that’s OK.


With a hearty dosage of alcohol, we ordered the Pastrami Sandwich and the Carrot Sandwich. The bok choy and squash side dish was also remarkable. Bok choy, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

A latte, of course, is required for any lunch. And they did a fantastic job with it.



I’ve had a long-standing love affair with Barcelona Wine Bar. It’s the ideal spot for a date night or a group dinner because you can relax while still being a part of the action. In the summer, the terrace is bright and breezy, while in the winter, the dining room is warm and inviting.

In the past year, I’ve visited their Brookline store a number of times. Maybe it’s my passion with trendy restaurant design, or maybe it’s my fondness for Spanish tapas. Alternatively, there’s the huge wine list. Or you could do all three.


Every time I visit Barcelona Wine Bar, I am treated as if I were a member of the family. The staff is pleasant and makes the cuisine accessible to people of all tastes. The restaurant’s 200+ seats are consistently filled, demonstrating its popularity. And, depending on the availability of their components, the menu varies not just seasonally but also daily.


Despite the fact that there are many Barcelona Wine Bars throughout the North East, each location’s chef is encouraged to put his or her own twist on things, resulting in a completely unique dining experience. Of course, there are certain standbys, such as their truffle, Mahon, and jamon Serrano grilled cheese nibbles, as well as a changing menu of Fideos (sort of like a paella, but with noodles).


With three distinct half glasses organized by area, their wine flights are a wonderful match to a lunch full of tapas. Alternatively, have a round of drinks!



Head over to The Hawthorne for a nightcap if you’re still standing after you leave Barcelona Wine Bar. Its exquisite design, which features subdued blues and grays, is ideal for a melancholy drink.

The Hawthorne is noted for its extensive cocktail menu, which is created by bartenders who transform Old Fashioneds into works of art. Each expertly made cocktail is perfectly displayed on the marble bar top.




The Hawthorne boasts a carefully chosen range of whiskeys, cognacs, mezcals, and rums in addition to traditional cocktails. As a result, your boyfriend/husband/mezcal connoisseur buddy will be delighted by the choices.

They also have a separate space where parties, pop-up stores, and private events take place. One night, they were throwing a pop-up event with local artists from the Boston region, and I happened to be there. I love it when local companies collaborate, particularly when there’s alcohol involved. It was the ideal spot for unwinding on comfy sofas while drinking a spiked apple cider.


Friends, there concludes Part 1. Part 2 will be posted on the site on Thursday.

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Boston is a city that has always been known for its food. This guide to the city will help you explore all of the amazing restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in Boston. Reference: boston in the summer.

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