These three foods are the best examples of how technology has made food tastier and more convenient.

I used to be allergic to kiwis when I was a kid. At least, that’s what my mother and I agreed on. My lips would become tingling and itchy every time I ate one. You’d think I’d just refuse to eat kiwis. But every time my mother chopped up kiwi slices, I ate them since I liked the flavor. Sadly, my mouth would begin to tingle, and I’d have to quit eating them right away. 

Let’s go back to last week, when I was looking for a new recipe. I was browsing Pinterest and saw these beautiful and colorful sorbets and knew right away that I wanted to create sorbet. Sorbet made with kiwifruit. Sorbet with Kiwi and Lime. Take a look at that color! I gently tried one of the kiwis while chopping them up for my sorbet and waited for the usual sensation. I patiently awaited… Nothing.

I took a second mouthful. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

There is no tingling. There was no response. I nearly phoned my mother to give her the good news: I’m no longer allergic to kiwis!

I couldn’t stop eating the kiwi lime sorbet throughout the picture session. It was a flavor I’d been dying to try for years, and now I could. The sorbet was light, refreshing, and flavorful to the max. The lime offers a bit of acidity without being too lime-y (recipe notes), and it wonderfully compliments the kiwi. And then there’s the COLOR. I’m not sure what does it for you if it doesn’t scream summer.


What’s the deal with sorbet? 

Sorbet is, without a doubt, the most simple frozen dessert ever. Sorbet is traditionally a basic concoction of pureed fruit, water, and sugar that has been combined and frozen. How could it possibly be any simpler than that? Only fresh kiwis, lime juice, and sugar are used in this kiwi lime sorbet. I skipped the water since the lime juice provides enough liquid for this dish. 


To make kiwi lime sorbet, follow these instructions.

Use freshly squeezed lime juice instead of bottled lime juice for the most vibrant, tangiest taste. You might also add the zest of the limes for an added punch of lime flavor. 

Don’t overmix the kiwi – Because fresh kiwis are normally soft, you don’t need to pulse them in the blender too much. If you overmix the kiwis, the seeds will be crushed, resulting in a little gritty kiwi lime sorbet. 

If you’re using extremely ripe, in-season kiwis, you may not need as much sugar as the recipe asks for. Taste the sorbet mixture and adjust the amount of sugar as required. 

Use an ice cream machine – If you don’t use an ice cream machine to churn the homemade sorbet, it won’t be creamy once frozen and will be difficult to scoop correctly. 


In my future, I envision a lot of kiwis. So, buddies, have fun.

I’ve been shooting graduation photographs for Michigan graduates all week and I’m enjoying it. I’d forgotten how much I like photographing people. Being in the presence of food has its own set of advantages, but there’s something inherently pleasurable about shooting others. And, thank god, the weather has been kind enough to allow us to walk outdoors without our jackets – 65° is the new 80°!



  • 10 kiwis
  • a quarter cup of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice


  1. Remove the skins off the kiwis and cut them in half (I used a large spoon to scoop them out). Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse 3-4 times, or until everything has gone around the mixing blade once. Pour in the sugar and lime juice and pulse 6-8 times more, until the kiwis are completely liquified and there are no lumps left. Don’t overmix or the kiwi seeds may shatter.
  2. Fill a plastic bag halfway with the mixture and close it, pressing out any air. Allow at least 45 minutes in the freezer to cool.
  3. Churn your sorbet in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s directions after it has been cold. Allow to cool for at least 4 hours, ideally overnight, in a freezer-safe container.


*One lime’s juice was utilized. You may use two limes if you want a stronger lime taste.

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