22 Spring Cakes for Every Spring Occasion

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and so are our favorite desserts! We’re about to launch into the warmest months of the year here in New York City. Whether you need an excuse to celebrate Easter and your newfound freedom from Lent or just want to treat yourself with one last sweet bite before summer arrives, these 22 spring cakes will have everyone coming back for more.

Spring is here, and with it comes all the spring themed cakes. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or just want to have something sweet for dessert, these 22 spring cakes will be perfect for your occasion.

Are you looking for the ideal spring cakes to commemorate Easter, Mother’s Day, or any other spring celebration? Please enter my office. This season, I’m giving you every spring cake recipe you’ll ever need.

You’ll never be without a spring cake again.

Cakes with layers? Is it time for spring? This is a game changer. Okay, but in all seriousness, I believe that spring is the season for cake to shine. All I want is cake as soon as the sun begins to linger in the sky a bit longer and the temps begin to rise. Now, I understand that cake isn’t exactly a “light” dessert, but there’s something about spring cake that makes me feel like I’m sitting on a patio in a European town, having a piece of cake with afternoon tea.

That’s very much the feeling I’m going for.

And, fortunately for you, we have a plethora of spring sweets.

What characteristics distinguish an excellent spring cake?

“Sarah, any cake may be a spring cake!” you could reply, but that is not the case. Although I think there are no rules when it comes to eating cake, some cake recipes are just inappropriate for the spring season. In May, you won’t find me baking a peppermint cake. Spring layer cakes, in my view, come into three categories:

  • Lighter Flavors: Don’t get me wrong: I’m not advocating cake as a light dessert. In fact, spring cakes should be light, fluffy, and full of fresh spring tastes like in-season fruits, flowery notes, and sharp cream cheeses rather than the heavier, warmer aromas of winter.
  • Beautiful Presentation: You know how in the springtime, sundresses come out to play? So do delectable cakes. I realize it has nothing to do with the flavor of your cake, but exquisite spring treats garnished with fresh flowers, lemon slices, or ripe berries may transform a boring vanilla cake into a *spring masterpiece* in no time.
  • Fresh Produce: The nicest thing about the start of a new season is all the new tastes that come with it. Fresh berries are beginning to grow sweeter, lemons have never tasted tarter, and stone fruits are starting to make their appearance in the spring, which is one of my favorite seasons to bake.

Suggestions for the greatest springtime desserts

These guidelines apply to all cakes, although they are particularly useful in the spring.

  • Avoid overbaking your cakes: It might be difficult to know whether a recipe is done the first time you attempt it, but I suggest keeping a careful check on your cakes in the final 10 minutes of baking. I know it’s inconvenient to keep an eye on the oven, but cakes may quickly overbake and dry out!
  • Allow your spring cakes to cool fully before frosting them: The most common error new cake makers make is icing their cakes before they’re totally cool. It is certainly a test of patience, but wonderful things come to those who wait. In fact, I like to ice my cake layers after they’ve been frozen. It keeps the crumbs in place and eliminates the need for a crumb coat!
  • Use fresh fruit or flowers to decorate your cake: The most beautiful aspect of spring is all of nature’s wealth, which includes flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Pastel colors, too!!
  • Keep your cakes fresh for as long as possible by storing them in an airtight cake container. We like this one despite the fact that it isn’t very adorable. You can always cover your cake securely in plastic wrap if you don’t have a cake dome!


This delectable lemon layer cake is soft, moist, and zesty and bright, making it the ideal spring cake! Make this lemon cake to brighten up your day.


This may be my new favorite spring dessert. It’s created with freshly ground pistachios and has the most deliciously delicate pistachio taste. This pistachio cake is great for spring, with its finger-licking excellent honey cream cheese icing!


Hummingbird cake is perhaps the most traditional spring confection. You may be wondering what hummingbird cake is. It’s essentially a super-moist cake with mashed banana, pureed pineapple, and a few special spices. This work of art is then frosted with a rich cream cheese icing and consumed in a matter of minutes.


Vanilla cake may be served at any time of year, but it’s especially lovely for spring celebrations. This vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream is soft and fluffy, and it’s the ideal centerpiece for any spring event or just because. Plus, since vanilla is such a flexible taste, you can take this delectable vanilla foundation and top it with whichever icing you choose!


Without a doubt, this family carrot cake recipe is the greatest carrot cake I’ve ever tasted. It’s delicious, gently spicy, and filled with carrots, with a tangy cream cheese frosting on top. It’s the finest thing you’ll ever eat, in a nutshell.


So this cake is technically a summer cake, but I always feel like spring is just me thinking it’s summer until it really is, so this cake is perfect. We combined all of your favorite tastes of zucchini bread into a delectable layer cake topped with cream cheese icing.


Okay. I’m going to make a bold assertion that I may later retract. But… this is my all-time favorite cake. It’s incredibly juicy, tastes gourmet yet comes together in under an hour in one dish, and has the most delectably nuanced flavor imaginable. It’s so wonderful without the icing that it doesn’t even require it.


Carrot cake is the classic spring cake, as we’ve previously established. So why not take your spring cake baking to the next level by adding a dash of warm cardamom spice? If I were a poet, I’d say this cake reminds me of those first frigid spring days when the cold air begins to seem optimistic. But since I’m not, I’ll just state that it tastes fantastic.


Easter, Mother’s Day, graduations, all those Pisces birthdays, and anniversaries are just a few of the events that spring brings. That’s why you should have this champagne cake recipe on hand at all times. It’s a great method to get rid of any leftover champagne.


Please don’t attack me. Although this isn’t really a cake, I believe that cheesecake performs a similar function, and this lemon curd cheesecake screams spring cake energy to me. It’s really simple to prepare, deliciously tangy and creamy, and breathtakingly gorgeous.


Maybe that’s why this delicious caramel cake seems springtime to me since one of my dear friends from high school always got one of those stomachache-y sweet (in the nicest way) Southern caramel cakes for her birthday every April. This caramel cake isn’t as as rich as traditional caramel icing cakes, but it’s just as wonderful.


With this funfetti cake recipe, it’s time to throw a party! It’s much better than the cake mix, and it’s the PERFECT celebratory birthday cake!


Personally, I think this s’mores cake is appropriate for any season, but I really appreciate it in the spring when an outdoor s’more isn’t that far away. This s’mores cake is one of the most popular cake recipes on the web for a reason: it’s made with a luscious chocolate cake, marshmallow butter cream, and a crumbly graham cracker streusel between layers.


When it’s too chilly to start eating coffee oreo ice cream, but you still want all those subtle chocolaty espresso tastes, this cake is great. If you’re seeking for a distinctive spring cake or have a half cup of coffee on hand, this cake is for you.


We photographed this cake as a sheet cake since sheet cakes are popular, but I tried it as a layer cake and it was delicious. I took it to a gathering of girls, and they all asked for it as their wedding cakes, so you’ll need it this spring and throughout the year.


What’s to say a loaf cake can’t be as impressive as a spring layer cake? Let me introduce you to this very scrumptious honey cake with fresh figs and a goat cheese icing. Don’t be put off by the goat cheese icing; it’s delicious!


Do you want a banana cake with dulce de leche buttercream and additional dulce de leche? Is there a more appropriate spring dessert for any occasion?


This almond and rose cake is a show-stopper in terms of appearance, but it’s also one of the simplest desserts you’ll ever prepare. The almond and rose flavor combination is cooked into a delicious spring cake.


Okay, I retract everything I said since *THIS* cake is my absolute fave. It’s light and citrusy, with a crumb that melts in your mouth. It’s the ideal spring cake, and it’s simple to dress up for a special event or leave plain for a more casual, rustic dessert. I realize I’m comparing cake to a summer outfit I’m trying to persuade myself I need, but I’m sticking to my guns.


In my view, raspberry banana is an underappreciated taste combo. It’s also a lovely one. This raspberry banana cake is the ideal springtime replacement for those rotten bananas.


So this one is a little on the nose, but it’s a great Easter cake. Obviously, I mean. If you’re feeling particularly festive, this dish is a lot of fun to make and usually impresses! Plus, anything with Cadbury eggs on top is a definite winner in my opinion.


I usually forget about this cake, but every time I make it, I am blown away by how delicious the taste is and how beautiful it is. This almond strawberry cake seems like the ideal spring dessert for a picnic with friends or afternoon tea.


Let us know if there are any more spring cake varieties you’d like to see featured on the site!


The “pistachio cake” is a delicious and easy to make spring cake. It has the perfect amount of sweetness with a hint of saltiness that makes it taste so good.

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