10 Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Live Without

What are some of the kitchen essentials you can’t live without?
In this article, we’ll be discussing 10 kitchen things that one absolutely needs to have in their refrigerator or cupboard. We hope there’s something on here for everyone!еђг

The “kitchen gadgets you can t live without” is a list of 10 kitchen essentials that are needed in every home. This includes everything from cooking utensils to appliances.

Consider how long it took before food processors to chop nuts or mix a baked cake by hand. You may be the best baker in the world, but without the correct equipment, it will be much more difficult. However, purchasing all of those kitchen equipment may be costly, and with so many different devices available, it’s difficult to determine which kitchen basics you can’t live without.

Don’t be concerned. If you’re on a budget, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite kitchen necessities, along with our favorite and a less costly alternative. Continue reading for a bonus roundup of our absolute FAVORITE fundamentals (think rubber spatulas and my fav parchment paper).

What’s the greatest part? Everything is available on Amazon.

1. Mixing Stand

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is a splurge.


If there’s one thing you can’t live without in the kitchen, it’s this. It’s worth extra points since it’s on sale. It’s available in every color conceivable and is built to endure. The 5 litre is the ideal size for a large recipe while being compact enough to fit in even the tiniest apartment kitchen. If you just buy one product from this list, make it this one!

The Low-Cost Alternative: A Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer


1636278297_137_10-Kitchen-Essentials-You-Can039t-Live-WithoutYou can always acquire a hand mixer if you don’t have the finances right now (I’ve been there!). It’ll get the job done and give your arms a rest, since there’s no way you’re going to make those egg whites hard enough for those cookies and cream macarons without using a machine.

2. A Reliable Sauce Pan

The Splurge: 3 quart All Clad Sauce Pan


My favorite brand of pots and pans is All Clad. They’re obviously a splurge, but they’re well worth it. I used to feel like I had to replace my pots and pans every year and a half before investing on these bad boys. These are the ones that have stood the test of time!

Cuisinart 3 quart Sauce Pan (Budget Option)1636278298_17_10-Kitchen-Essentials-You-Can039t-Live-Without

I understand if you don’t want to spend a bunch on cookware right now. At a quarter of the cost, this Cuisinart saucepan will do the work. This pan, like the All Clad pan above, holds 3 quarts, which is the ideal amount if you just need a few pans. It’s large enough to boil tagliatelle or prepare a hearty meal without pouring over the sides, yet compact enough to store effortlessly.

3. Choosing the Right Rolling Pin

The Extravagance: A Marble Rolling Pin



I like this lovely marble rolling pin, as well as the wooden holder that it comes with. The last thing you want to worry about while rolling out pie crust or sugar cookies is your rolling pin slipping off the counter. This pin’s weight is ideal for rolling out harder or colder dough.

Adjustable Rolling Pin is a unique find.


When you need everything to be even and accurate, this is the rolling pin to use. You may swap out the rings on the ends to guarantee your dough is correctly rolled out to a thickness of 1/8 inch or 2 inch. There’s also a salllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dutch Oven No. 4

Le Creuset Dutch Oven is a splurge.


A decent dutch oven should be in everyone’s kitchen. Listen, I know Le Creuset is pricey, but it’ll last a lifetime–and you’ll be able to pass it on to your offspring. It’s a treasured family heirloom (or at least it will be for me). It’s great for entertaining, and it’s lovely enough to serve in. I’m not sure how I’d prepare Dope Soup without it.

The Low-Cost Alternative: Crock-Pot Dutch Oven


This Crock Pot Dutch Oven costs less than $100 and comes in a variety of colors. It’s an excellent budget alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but yet want the appearance of Le Creuset or Staub!

Cutting Board No. 5

The Extravagance: Wooden Block


This wooden block is one of my favorites. It’s the ideal chopping board and also works well as a serving dish for a large cheese board or a fruit plate. 

Good Grips Plastic Cutting Board (Budget Option)


This is the cutting board for you if you’re searching for a basic one. I have it in every size imaginable. It’s dishwasher safe, convenient to store, and inexpensive.

6. Baking Sheets with Non-Stick Coating

Nordicware Baker’s Half Sheet Pan is the splurge.


These are the very best. It’s simple to clean, the ideal size for baking a batch of cookies, and it’s inexpensive. There’s no need for a budget option since these are the finest of the best for less than $20!

Containers for storing goods

Set of 9 Glass Containers (Splurge)1636278304_507_10-Kitchen-Essentials-You-Can039t-Live-Without

These glass storage containers may literally save your life. We often have leftover food since we’re continuously inventing new recipes. These are ideal for brownies, stovetop mac & cheese, or icing storage. My absolute favorite feature of these glass containers is that they’re oven safe, allowing you to just throw leftovers in the oven. 

The Low-Cost Alternative: A Set of 9 Plastic Containers1636278305_82_10-Kitchen-Essentials-You-Can039t-Live-Without

Because they are plastic, they cannot be used in the oven, but they still provide an airtight barrier that keeps everything secure and prevents spillage. They can be washed in the dishwasher, making cleanup a pleasure. I like how you can buy a range of sizes. The smallest can only accommodate a few egg whites, while the biggest can hold a sheet pan of vegetables or a huge salad.

8. Blender has a lot of power

The Extravagance: Vitamix Blender


The Vitamix, oh, the Vitamix. I realize it’s an expensive technology, but it’s really life-changing. It’s great for soups, smoothies, and vegan queso (delicious), and it also works as a food processor. I’ve had mine for a few years and it’s still in excellent condition.

Shark Ninja Blender is a low-cost solution.


I adore Shark Ninja blenders, and this one is no exception. It’s very flexible, powerful, and a must-have in any kitchen. The blades rise up all the way into the blender, which I really like. This implies there will be no odd lumps or spots that aren’t as well integrated. It’s also a bargain at around $100.

9. Scale in the kitchen

OXO Kitchen Scale is a splurge.


We don’t measure all of our ingredients, but for the recipes where it’s critical, like macarons, this bad guy comes in handy. This scale is very accurate, user-friendly, and available in black or white!

The Low-Cost Alternative: A $13 Kitchen Scale


This is my first kitchen scale, and I’m in love with it. While it isn’t quite as exact as the OXO (I wouldn’t use it for a scientific project or anything), it’s ideal for recipe testing and properly dividing batter across pans to get that wonderful layers.

10. Mixing Bowls Made of Stainless Steel

Set of 5 Mixing Bowls with Lids (Splurge)


I wouldn’t be able to live without them. With this package, you receive a good variety of varied sizes as well as COVERS! When you need to chill cookie dough or carry your salad, this is my favorite feature. Instead of using plastic wrap, buy these!

Set of 4 Stainless Steel Bowls (Budget Option)


4 bowls for less than $13? Make a reservation for a lady. These stack effortlessly, making them ideal for melting chocolate in a double boiler, creating a fast batch of pancakes, or mixing up a salad dressing. 

Bonus Section: The Must-Have Basics

Parchment Paper Sheets: $15 for 200 sheets. They come precut (which saves work) and are the ideal size for cutting in half and lining an 8 X 8 pan.

Rubber spatulas that are stiff enough to scoop out sauce or stir a thick caramel yet flexible enough to scrape along the edges of a dish are ideal. And for $7 for four spatulas, I say sure, dawg.

Measuring Cups: Simple stainless steel measuring cups that are dishwasher safe. This set’s best feature is that it includes both a 2/3 and a 3/4 cup, making measuring a snap.

Microplane: For zesting citrus fruits or delicately shredding chocolate, this tool is ideal. I’ve stopped losing bits of my fingers to my clumsy cheese grater since I bought this, and you can too!

Wooden Spoon: In my opinion, one can never have enough wooden spoons. This one appeals to me since it is both useful and attractive. It’s a terrific prop for photo shots!

All the best with your purchasing! Is there anything you can’t live without in the kitchen that wasn’t included here? I’m always on the lookout for new devices!


The “kitchen tools” are items that you can’t live without. These items include a chef’s knife, tongs, and spatula. The 10 kitchen essentials are:
1. Chef’s Knife 2. Tongs 3. Spatula 4. Measuring Cups 5. Measuring Spoons 6. Whisk 7. Wooden Spoon 8. Cutting Board 9. Baking Sheet 10. Mixing Bowl

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the kitchen tool you cant live without?

A: I would say a cutting board. It is an essential part of my kitchen.

What are 5 things you consider essential to a kitchen?

A: a) A stove, b) oven c) refrigerator d) microwave e) dishwasher f )toaster

What are some kitchen must haves?

A: In the kitchen, you need a good knife that is sharp and sturdy. You also need to have pots and pans with comfortable handles so they are easy to hold on to. Some other items in the kitchen include measuring cups, measuring spoons, a cutting board, spatulas for mixing/stirring food ingredients as well as wooden or plastic utensils such as ladles which would be used when cooking soups or stews over an open flame like a firepit

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